Today, I cracked…

Today, I cracked…

Our own body is the best health system we have.. IF we know how to listen to it. Y’ALL, It is SO true. Intelligence is presented everywhere in the body. Our own inner intelligence, that God placed there for us is far superior to ANY that we can trust from the outside. You can hear your body speak to you if you really concentrate and think about it. Aches, pains, digestion, heart beat, headaches, symptoms of any kind, they are all a part of this inner intelligence that says, “Hey I need some support! Something is not right here!” But most of us just tend to ignore them and chalk them up to aging or hormones that usually get the blame for everything.

There are all of these little things that have started to pop up for me. Some may have been there for a while, but I am really working on listening, and feeling and being attentive to the way that my body is working so they have been unusually louder. I started having ringing in my ears, tinnitus, pretty badly. I have had some Irritable Bowel symptoms and have been super frustrated feeling, complacent and even forgetful. My scalp is very dry. I have been having some rapid heart beat issues, especially while lying down. My lower back is hurting and I cannot concentrate for anything right now. Like I cannot even read a book well.  So I finally decided I needed to go to the chiropractor because it has started to really affect my quality of life. Thankfully my friend Dr. Jessica is a super genius with not only adjusting, but nutrition and supplements too, and she uses Young Living which is a must for me.

Now, let me back up for just a minute. I have vivid, nightmarish memories of going to the chiro as a kid. I literally cried before I went because I HATED the cracking. I had super bad scoliosis. However,  I DO give all credit to fixing that and preventing me from having a rod put into my spine to my chiropractor. I think some of those emotions have kept me from going to see Jessica, knowing full well I needed to.  Whelp.. I put the fear behind me, filled out the paper work, had the X-rays and thermal scans and went today for the results.

I got myself there, emotions in tact and sat down on the exam table. When she came in, she plopped down beside me and said, “GIRL, we have got a LOT to talk about.”  I knew it. WOAH BABY am I jacked up. So even with all of the knowledge I have gained and all of the clean foods I have been eating, I needed her big time and I am so thankful. It helps a ton that I like her a whole lot. 😉 I know she is going to take super great care of me.

My X-rays showed some pretty crazy stuff. Basically my head weighs about 10 more pounds than it should because of the way my neck is aligned. I scored 1 point away from the “challenged” zone in my organ and gland control area. YIKES. My brain needs support as well as my gut and liver in a major way. It is so crazy because it explains EVERYTHING. The C-1 Vertebrae where I have a lot of trouble basically effects the inner and middle ear, (hello tinnitus), blood supply to the head, the bones of the face and scalp, (hello dry scalp), the sypmatheic nervous system which has me in the stress response 24/7 which also explains a ton of the emotions I am feeling; the forgetfulness, headaches, nervousness all of the time, frustration, chronic tiredness, IT IS CRAZY. I would have never connected ANY of this to the alignment of my neck and spine. Not everything can be fixed with nutrition, obviously.

I also found out I do have gluten, corn, soy and dairy issues. I knew this, I DID. I knew it from the symptoms I was feeling.  But you know what? I just didn’t want to face it. It is HARD. I love my cheese and I love my Ezekiel English Muffins and organic air popped pop corn. *insert pouty face*  But let me tell you it is going to be so worth it. I feel a little like I am living half a life right now and I know I can feel so much better!

So hang out with me. I am most certainly going to take you all along for the ride on this. and who knows! Maybe you will learn something about your own health a long the way. Now, time go organize my supplements and figure out my food for Thanksgiving! I am going to be “that girl” who brings her own dinner, hahahahaha.

Love you guys to pieces.